From 1975 to 1982, Mr. Mitchell worked as a Senior Project Engineer and Senior Design Engineer in Bahrain and later in Qatar as Senior Project Engineer for Ewbank and Partners, Consulting Engineers. He was then employed by John Brown Engineering Ltd where he held the position of Senior Project Manager and was responsible for the overall management and execution of individual projects in accordance with the technical specification and conditions of contract.

As Chief Engineer/Project Manager at St. Lucia Electricity Services Ltd. from 1991 to 1997, Mr. Mitchell was responsible to the Managing Director for all planning, construction, operation and maintenance of the Generation and Transmission and Distribution departments of the electricity utility. Responsibilities included preparation of, and adherence to, the annual budget for all capital and revenue expenditure, formulation of long-term estimates, selection and appointment of consultants and contractors for major expansion works and control of major projects.

At Meil/K-Line Joint Venture, in the position of Site Manager for the Main Contractor, Mr. Mitchell was responsible for all civil, mechanical and electrical works required in the construction, installation and commissioning of a US$26 million contract to extend the 132 and 33KV transmission and distribution system in New Providence, Bahamas. This involved substantial work in existing substations, requiring considerable coordination effort between the Contractor and the Utility, Bahamas Electricity Corporation.

More recent experience has included holding the position of Senior Resident Electrical Engineer at Ewbank Preece O'h Eocha Ltd. during the final six months of the Phase II Generation Expansion Programme for the Bahamas Electricity Corporation, a US$58 million contract for a 30MW slow speed diesel engine, waste heat recovery boiler and all auxiliary plant. This contract also included a nine-panel 33KV GIS duplicate busbar switchboard with 2,000 amp bus ducts.

From 2000 to 2001 Mr. Mitchell held the post of Senior Resident Engineer at Star Energy UK Onshore Ltd., where he was responsible for the Civil, Electrical and Mechanical works for the installation and commissioning of four 4.0 MW gas turbines at two UK onshore oilfields operated by Star Energy.

Mr. Mitchell's most recent position was Senior Resident Engineer for Mott MacDonald EPO, Consulting Engineers, retained by the Bahamas Electricity Corporation for two projects:

Mr. Mitchell is married and has two daughters.

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Christopher J.H.W. Mitchell has forty five years of experience working in all sides of Power Utilities Industry in Operations, Project Management, Contracting and Consulting. His experience includes planning, installing, commissioning and operation of Power stations with gas turbine and diesel prime movers and alternators, together with Transmission and Distribution systems up to 132KV, H.V. switchgear, transformers, protection systems, cables, overhead lines and SCADA in the UK, the Caribbean, the Middle East and the Far East.

Mr. Mitchell started his career with the North Eastern Electricity Board where he gained experience in all technical and commercial aspects associated with planning, construction, operation and consumer services undertaken by the regional Electricity Board. He then joined the Bahamas Electricity Corporation where he was responsible to the Chief Distribution Engineer as Out Island Distribution Engineer, Deputy Chief Distribution Engineer, Planning and Development Engineer and Assistant Commercial Engineer.